B or C Show                               A or AA Show
 1st place           7 points

2nd place          5 points

3rd place           4 points

4th place           3 points

5th place           2 points

6th place           1 point

Champion         2 points

Reserve             1 point

               Classics or classes noted as SFHJA bonus classes in the prizelist points are as follows:

                    B or C Show                                       A or AA Show

1st place        20 points

2nd place      16 points

3rd place       14 points

4th place        12 points

5th place        10 points

6th place        8 points

7th place        6 points

8th place        5 points

9th place        4 points

10th place      3 points

11th place      2 points

12th place      1 point

-You must be a member of SFHJA for points to count. See Forms page to join.

-You must show and place in 2 separate shows in the same division in order to qualify for year end awards

-No points will be awarded in classes with less than three exhibitors judged with the exception of leadline and shows put on by SFHJA. Classes with less than three entries at SFHJA produced shows will receive single points

-SFHJA summer shows are triple pointed (same value as A or AA shows)

-Model classes do not count for points

-To receive a merit ribbon at the year end banquet, the points required for leadline is 21. There is no minimum number of entries needed for class to run and points to count.

-Divisions may be combined or split per USEF division combining and splitting guidelines (less than 3 in a division has potential to be combined). SFHJA's combining and splitting will be based on the number of horses or people that qualified for a year end award in the respective division. Division combining and splitting will be announced towards the end of the year and will be done in order to provide as many people with awards as possible.

-Check the Trophy page for information on SFHJA year end and Charity show trophies

21 points

15 points

12 points

9 points

6 points

3 points

6 points

3 points

How SFHJA Year End Awards Are Calculated

SFHJA offers two sets of placings for year end awards: Overall, which includes points from every show sanctioned by SFHJA; and Local (also known as single point), which includes points from Channel 2 (also known as B, C and local; or Regional). Points are calculated as follows:


Small Pony Hunter
Medium Pony Hunter
Large Pony Hunter
Green Pony Hunter
Pleasure Pony
Pleasure Horse
Green Hunter 3’-3”
Green Hunter 3’6” -3’9”
High Performance Hunter
Performance Hunter
Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35
Amateur Owner Hunter 36 & Over
Small Junior Hunter 3’6”
Large Junior Hunter 3’6”
Junior Hunter 3’3”
Children’s Hunter
Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35
Adult Amateur Hunter 36 & Over
Low Adult Hunter
Low Children’s Hunter
Children’s Pony Hunter
Crossrail Hunter
Adult Crossrail Hunter
Stirrup Hunter
Young Hunter
USHJA Hunter 2’
USHJA Hunter 2’3”
USHJA Hunter 2’6”
USHJA Hunter 2’9”
USHJA Hunter 3’
Hunter Breeding Horse
Hunter Breeding Pony


1440 Coral Ridge Drive #191
Coral Springs, FL 33071
Fax: 561-828-0297


Open Jumper (1.20m and up)
Adult Jumper
Children’s Jumper
Amateur Owner Jumper
Pony Jumper
Junior Jumper
Low Adult Jumper
Low Children’s Jumper
Young Jumper
Low Jumper (.95m and below)


Equitation 11 & Under
Equitation 12 to 14
Equitation 15 to 17
Adult Equitation 18-35
Adult Equitation 36 & Over
Stirrup Equitation
Crossrail Equitation
Leadline Equitation

60 points

48 points

42 points

36 points

30 points

24 points

18 points

15 points

12 points

9 points

6 points

3 points


2022 Year End Award Winners

SFHJA Recognized Divisions for Year End Awards