Website Advertising:

Web links                            $25.00 per fiscal year 
Sales ads                            $25.00 for 6 month
Directory ads:
Full Page                              $160.00    (4.25" x 7.5")
Half Page                             $90.00    (4.25 x 3 3/4")
Business Card                    $40.00    (3.5" x 2")

Summer Show Sponsors: “C” rated

Title Sponsor per show                      $2,000.00
Includes Full Page Color Ad, “Your Name” on front cover of prize list, “your name” on coolers, pads or other prizes presented to Classic winners, banner sign at ring or hospitality tent

Division w/ 5 classes                          $150.00
Division w/ 3 classes                          $100.00
Single Class for all three shows       $55.00  
Hunter Classic Sponsors                   $600.00
    Includes full page ad in prize list and “your name” on cooler or other prize presented to winner.
Jumper Classic Sponsors                   $1200.00
    Includes full page b/e ad in prize list and “your name” on cooler or other prize presented to winner.

Ad rates for Summer Prize List:
Full page -     4.5" x 7.5"            Black & White - $300.00        Color - $400.00
Half page -     4.5" x 3.75"            Black & White - $200.00        Color - $300.00
1/4 page/Standard Business Card -   3.5" x 2"                Black & White - $75.00        Color - $150.00

Throughout the summer and culminating in the fall with the grand-daddy show of them all, SFHJA Annual Charity Show, we host shows to raise money for charity. We have raised 10s of thousands over the years for charity, but this could not happen without the help of the community at large. Through your generous contributions we have been able to maintain the ability to provide and to improve our horse shows. For this we are truly grateful. 
The following is a list of ways you may help support SFHJA:



 2012 Charity Show Pricing 


Back Page B&W                $575.00

Back Page Full Color        $725.00

                            Full Color            Black & White

Full Page               $675.00                $500.00 

Half Page              $575.00                $425.00

Third Page            $500.00                 $375.00

Quarter Page        $425.00                $250.00

Eighth Page           $375.00                $175.00

Business Card       $200.00                $125.00


"AA" Hunter Divisions:                $350.00 per division

"C" Hunter Divisions:                   $175.00 per division

Hunter classics:                            $500.00 per Classic

Leadline & Pleasure Classes       $100.00 per class/division

Walk/Trot/Jump Classes               $175.00

Warmup Classes                            $100.00

Medal & Equitation Classes         $100.00 per class

Jumper Sections                            $175.00 per section

Jumper Classics                             $750.00 per classic

$10,000. Welcome Stake             $5,000.00

$5,000. Low AO/Jr Classic            $2,500.00

$10,000. High AO/Jr Classic         $5,000.00

$10,000. Child/Adult Grand Prix*        $5,000.00

(*This class will not run unless sponsored)

Specifications may change without written notice.